What We Do & Our Deliverable to You

Bid & Requirements Analysis

What We Do:

  • Initial read and review of all documents associated with your bid

  • Analysis of all volumes associated with your bid: Technical, Management, Past Performance, Staffing, and any others

Deliverable: A PowerPoint presentation of all requirements of your bid.


What We Do:

  • Creation of a compliance matrix based on all compliance and formatting requirements, and evaluation factors

  • Our compliance matrices feature the page number and section the information is found on in both the solicitation and in your response, for easy identification and less errors

  • Final compliance check after the final review of your response

Deliverable: An easy-to-digest Excel spreadsheet displaying all compliance related bid factors, and the corresponding areas where compliance is met (or not met) within your response.

Suggested Proposal Schedule

What We Do:

  • Analyze where you currently are in your proposal process relative to the due date and time of your response.

  • Create a timeline of when you should be hitting certain milestones

Deliverable: A link to a customized private Google calendar that displays which date you should be at every step of the proposal process.

Kickoff package

What We Do:

  • Preliminary research into possible competitors using publicly available information

  • Suggested teaming strategies (CTA, JV, Prime/Sub) to increase win potential

Deliverable: A PowerPoint presentation of kickoff slides displaying all preliminary competition research, bid requirements, and suggested teaming strategies.

Template & Outline

What We Do:

  • Create a skeleton template with the correct branding for your organization and the potential contract organization

  • Create a detailed outline of each volume with suggested headers and the recommended information you should focus on in each section

Deliverable: A Word document with both the template and the outline, for all applicable volumes for your bid.

Content Generation & Independent Content Review

What We Do:

  • Thorough research into each technical requirement

  • Discussion and data calls with your SMEs and Solution Architect's to get technical information

  • Evaluate your already generated content and perform a gap analysis to inform you of where you need better content

  • Generate all required and nice-to-have content for your bid

Deliverable: A Word document with any previously generated content tailored for your bid, along with newly generated content from our writers. We make every effort to stay on brand and deliver a cohesive voice.

Proposal Editing, Formatting, and Graphics

What We Do:

  • Edit any existing or newly created RFP or RFI response for spelling and grammar

  • Format any existing or newly created RFP or RFI response with required format stated in the solicitation

  • Suggest and provide publication-level graphics for all RFP or RFI responses

Deliverable: A fully edited and formatted response with publication-level graphics in a Word document.

Subcontractor Management

What We Do:

  • Analyze your bid and provide recommendations on subcontractors to reach out to for a stronger bid

  • If you have subcontractors you are currently working with, we will manage phone calls and data calls (emails) between you and the subcontractor

Deliverable: An Excel spreadsheet with recommended subcontractors, their strengths, and where they can best support with your bid.

Future Opportunity Analysis

What We Do:

  • If you are responding to an RFI, we recommend strategic next steps to take to prepare for the RFP drop

  • We analyze beta.SAM and any GWACs you provide us access to, to identify future opportunities that fall in your wheelhouse

Deliverable: A Word document with recommended future opportunities and any next steps for an upcoming RFP.

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